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Digital Marketing & 24/7 Live Call Answering for your clients and potential clients means never missing out on business ever again. Our skilled IT staff and trained live receptionists will take your business to a level of profitability you never thought imaginable. Call Green Receptionist today and take the next step in booming your business with our live call answering and virtual receptionist services.

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24/7 Virtual Receptionist Live CALL Answering Services

Great and convenient customer service starts with a helpful and friendly voice that immediately answers call of your customers. With Green Receptionist you need not to forward your live calls to impersonal voicemail systems and risk losing them to your competition. Instead our professional and expertly trained Live Answering Service Agents will be here to address and meet the needs of all your customers. Green Receptionist is one of the most commonly chosen and highly recognized companies in terms of live answering and virtual receptionist services all over the world.
Live Phone Call Answering Receptionist

Live PHONE Answering Services Offered at its Reasonable Cost

Live Call Answering Service

At Green Receptionist, we have our live call answering services running 24/7/365 and can completely redefine your old concept with regards to normal hours of business. With our 24/7 live phone answering services, your customers can count on a friendly voice always there to greet them. When you choose to Outsource Receptionist Services with Green Receptionist you are taking a step in to the future of marketing and customer service. Our prices cannot be beat. Try out one of our virtual receptionist programs today!

About Green Receptionist

Green Receptionist is a 24/7 live answering service. We are the virtual receptionists who take your calls to address their queries. It seems that we are right there in the office. There are no sick days or holiday for us, we actually work 24/7/365. From research, it has been observed that customers who get a voicemail and find no live human to address their concerns move to the next company.

We are a team of highly trained American agents who take live calls of customers one after another to offer amazing customer service. If a customer gets a voicemail, you are at the risk of losing him. If you don’t have a live virtual receptionist to address the concerns, the customer will never come back to your company again.

Our Core Values

We have a set of core values which is followed each day. Our team makes sure it adheres to the highest of all standards. It is through these core values, we have become professionals in our field.

  • Smiling Faces

Our team has always addressed the concerns of the customers with a smile on the face. Even customers feel that they are going to get satisfying answers to their concern. The conversation is pleasant and it ends on a pleasant note too. Even the customer would feel he is dealing with the best people.

  • Dedicated Team

We believe that we cannot be successful until you succeed. Green Receptionist is always striving to ensure that client goals are achieved and help them move to the next level. Our focus is not our own success. In fact, our focus is on our clients. As long as we are taking care of the success of our customers, we know that it will lead to our success too.

  • We Are Up To Date

We are always striving to become the best virtual receptionists on this planet. We make sure to stay updated with the innovation and technology. We constantly strive to provide the best, improved and friendly services to our customers. We are never afraid to implement new technology.

We work with all types of companies whether it is the medical offices, lawyers, professional companies or even small businesses. We are experienced enough to handle large and small call volumes from different companies. We are well familiar with the fact that the way you deal with your customers can make or break your business. It is not healthy to leave a voicemail, have irresponsible customer support staff or nobody at the at the customer support panel at all. If your customer experiences any of that, he will simply switch considering your services unreliable. You do not want this to happen right? That’s why we are here to offer 24/7 assistance. Our services are offered at the fraction of the price of an in-house receptionist. We are the leader in technology and development with our success over the years. We guarantee to offer the best customer service.

How We Work?

Green Receptionist has a simple step by step work approach:

  1. Your Callers: Simply divert your phone line or get a unique telephone number from us.
  2. Our Operators: Our operators will be there to answer the live calls of your clients on the behalf of your company and follow the instructions provided by you.
  3. Your Company: Depending on the current status, the caller will be connected to you through phone!

Every live call sent to us will be answered no matter when it is us. Even if you are a small business and your budget is low, be our guest, Green receptionist is here to make the task of serving customers easy for all. You will not have to worry about missing out any business opportunity again!

Virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist offers a wide range of services, from processing of messages to urgent answer processing, order fulfillment, customer support and lead capture automation. The list is endless and if you have a business that depends on customers, patrons and donors, you should definitely consider getting a virtual receptionist.

Increased Productivity

Virtual receptionist service answers calls immediately and sends reminders to customers about the details of their appointment. Personalized reminder messages are sent to your clients to remind them about their appointment details. Since the virtual receptionist deals with most of the management tasks, you can focus on more important matters. If your clients are not coming, the virtual receptionist will give the same time slot to another customer. Aside from helping you save time and effort, it also increases your productivity as the job of handling minor tasks is already given to the virtual receptionist.

24/7 Availability

Clients can contact you anytime as the virtual receptionist is available 24/7. This allows your clients to make calls even at night if they are busy with their schedules. Most people have a busy schedule, preventing them from making a call during working hours. Since the phone answering service is available 24/7, customers can schedule, re-schedule or cancel an appointment anytime. Your office can also approve the holidays and leaves of your employees without worrying about their productivity. The virtual receptionist can handle office tasks both as a full-time and as a part-time receptionist.

Reduced Number of Employees

Most of the office management tasks assigned to the front-desk staff can be completed by the virtual receptionist. Sending reminders and scheduling appointments will be easy for them. You can give more delicate tasks to your skilled employees to maximize their productivity and increase your revenue. By using a virtual receptionist, you can save money as you don’t need to hire more employees.

Why We Are The Best

When you are looking for a virtual receptionist service, it is important to have someone you can trust. We have been in this business for 10 years and no one knows more about your needs. Our Client base is vast and our customer service department has a professional and friendly demeanor. That’s is why we have a large, solid and satisfied customer base. Just check out our accolades section on our website.