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 I used this company for after hours calls since the price was so cheap. Worth every penny. They field the calls and warm the person up for me then they email me the details. After that I call the next day and boom new client that I would have missed. Love this service. – Rod Discher, Attorney

By far the best live answering service I have used thus far. The virtual receptionist are very good on the phone and my clients love being able to talk to a live agent at any time. This is a no brainer, the service is so cheap is pays for itself and then some. They also helped me make a few edits to my website. Great article, love this company. – Rebecca Mendez

Signed up with this company a few months ago, glad to see they are getting good press. So far I have no complaints. They field my calls for cheap, I get the messages emailed to me organized how I asked. I also got them to make a few edits to my website for cheap. Good live answering service in my opinion. – Thomas Donne

They do a good job and you won’t find a better price. I went with them because they offer 24/7 coverage which most of the other companies do not do. Having a virtual receptionist active at all times is great for my company, we get more passive business this way. – J. Evans,

Using this company for a remote receptionist has been amazing for us. We now have time to focus on working through our support tickets faster than ever since we don’t keep getting interrupted all the time by phone calls. The agents just keep the caller happy and then email us all the info and we can get back when we want. We get a lot more work done this way. Highly recommend this company. – James, Bit Bucket Computers

 I didn’t even know what a virtual receptionist was until a friend of mine told me about Green Receptionist. Having used virtual offices in the past I figured this would be a great addition to my practice. I was right. It’s like having your very own in house receptionist at a fraction of the cost. This service is cheap, and I mean cheap. Seems like everyone should be using this. – Raymond Carr, Attorney

 I essentially handed over all of my digital marketing needs to this company. They were able to fix my website, get me placed on Google, and are now handling all of the calls I can’t answer as if they are a receptionist right in my office even though they work remote. For the price, this is something any business should use. – Janet S., Attorney