How General Contractors Benefit From a Virtual Receptionist

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Contractors Receptionist Despite the fact that contractors are often busy, ignoring calls can have a huge impact to the business. A hiring company cannot wait until the contractor calls back, since time wasted is money wasted. Therefore, the company will opt for another contractor. To avoid losing potential clients, a virtual receptionist can help out contractors in a number of ways. The following are ways through which a virtual receptionist can help contractors.

 Reduce business expenses

A conventional receptionist works well for any contractor, but not as efficient as a virtual receptionist. It is expensive in terms of money to hire someone, pay for training, rent an office, buy furniture, and pay monthly salary plus allowances. Receptionist must be paid for the hours spend in the office, no matter the number orders received. A virtual receptionist becomes a better option to cut expenses, because payments are made based on the number of orders or calls received within a specified period of time. Also, no allowances and benefits paid to virtual receptionists.

24/7 service

Unlike traditional receptionist, virtual receptionist works full time 24/7. Their services are rendered through online and phone, thus saving money that could have been used to hire an office space. The service provision is throughout, since there is no vacation leaves, holidays, and other day-offs. There are also high chances that a traditional receptionist can quit job due to various reasons such as sickness, leaving a contractor without someone to take care of clients’ calls. Virtual receptionists are dedicated in their duties, ensuring there is someone to cater for incoming calls always.

Improved business-client relationship

Virtual receptionists are always focused on growing your business, and keeping clients stay happy. Whenever a client makes a call, someone is there at standby to answer. This gives clients confidence and trust in the contractor, because there is a reflection of professionalism. In case a contractor is out of office to attend for other projects, he/she can give instructions to the virtual receptionist on what to say when a certain client makes a call. This helps in building good relationships with clients, hence increasing customer base. grctr

Improved service delivery

When a customer makes a call and immediately it is diverted to voicemail, the situation is relatively unwelcoming. If it was a new client, definitely the customer won’t call again. This means the client will choose another contractor. With a virtual receptionist, every client’s call is answered and further instructions are given. When clients’ issues are handled at the right time, probably they will come back in future. Therefore, a virtual receptionist is essential for drawing new customers, as well as retaining the loyal ones.

Extended service hours

It is difficult for contractors to pick phones calls past their working hours. However, emergency may occur and client makes a call late at night. Such calls are easily answered by virtual receptionists, because most of them work 24-hours. They usually extend the phone hours to allow clients make appointments or leave messages pertaining to projects that need to be done.