Missing Calls Hurts Your Business

Is Your Voicemail Stunting Your Growth?

Why Live Answering is better Than Voicemail vr When it comes to profitable businesses, you can see that great customer service is one of its cornerstones. Sadly, there are many businesses that disregard the benefits it brings and they view it as something that is only an inconvenience. There are many who see customer service as nothing but interference to more important responsibilities that must be taken care of. But, that is not the case anymore in this age where customers are given with more privilege. In the modern markets, you cannot afford on skimping when it comes to customer care. Why? That’s because just as the quality of the products, customers take pleasure in great service. More and more people are concerned about great experience with your business and if they are not satisfied, it can be a huge blow to your business. On that note, one thing that you should not skimp when it comes to customer care is relying on outdated voicemail in receiving incoming calls. Virtual Receptionist Why Choose Live Answering Service Instead of Voicemail? If you are wondering why you should think about changing upgrading your customer care process, the marketing experts themselves say that is about time. With countless, very much compelling studies showing that good customer service is a business necessity if you want to be profitable, would you still contest it? From what these studies say, it’s been found out that:
  • Over 80% of customers are willing to pay more so long as they get a quality support
  • More than 80% also said they stopped doing business with companies that has very poor customer care
  • Timely manner of customer support is a factor that customers consider when doing business
  • Customers prefer live answering service than giving their questions to voicemails
The studies that have all been conducted in relation to customer service are almost all in favor for custom support where their specific needs can be truly addressed. There are various ways to which you can provide customer service such as voicemail and chat. Many businesses are also mostly reliant in voicemails for good reasons. It is cheap, limited and functions even when employees are away or busy. In terms of practicality, voicemails really is not the choice. Relying too much to automatic communication can in the end cause a business more problems. The fact is, customers have already grown tired of limited or very poor customer service and most of their frustrations are directed to automated communication. This is because most of the time, their concerns fall in deaf ears. That being the case, companies with live answering services has an edge compared to those using outdated voicemail. Customers find it more reliable to have live answering service where it is more personal to the customers. This can make your customer feel that you really are concerned to what their needs. Virtual Receptionist Solutions Conclusion In the end, if you really want to improve your service and treat your customers really well, don’t rely on all automatic communication. It is true it can be very useful, if your customer does not feel satisfied at all your customer service efforts will not matter at all.