Live Answering Service A Live Answering Service is not only  a great way to increase the amount of clients you take on but it will also give you the time and freedom you have always wanted, time that you would have normally spent on the phone filtering out call after call. Let us not also forget the importance of after hours calls or calls during a time when you are unavailable. This is when you will probably  miss important calls of potential customers and clients who are established in other time zones where they are still functioning during normal working hours. It would be impossible to keep a receptionist employed non stop, all day and all night, at your place of business; it would also be incredibly expensive, but contracting the support of a live answering service to field all of the calls you are unable to handle is not only cost effective but will end up making you money, giving you a great return on your investment. Maybe you are under the impression that you have a system in place to handle calls you cannot answer yourself, and yes, voicemail can sometimes work, to some degree. However, a large percentage of prospects will simply hang up the phone without leaving a message and call one of your competitors next. People want to talk to an actual human being, now a voicemail machine. Without a live answering service in place to field your calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you will most certainly lose out on many potential customers.

Every Call Has Value

Live Answering Service  At Green Receptionist we can accomplish far more than simply answering your calls. We evaluate the value of all calls, and if there is urgency, we can contact the the right person, at any time, and have them take the call. With our live answering  service, we put the emphasis on your clients and potential clients, making sure they get the customer service and detail they are entitled to. By offering a virtual receptionist to meet your exact needs, whatever they are, we can begin to build your business further. This is beneficial not only for you but for your clients and potential clients as well. We provide you a streamlined service by directing important calls to the right member of your staff. We can provide  messages as email, text or fax, most of our clients choose email so they may deal with the calls as they see fit. The growing business of today need cutting edge digital communication, an exceotional phone answering service that reflects well on your business. Our receptionists will act as though they are working directly out of your office unless you want otherwise. Your customers will never be put on hold and they will be treated with respect. We can build your receptionist to fit perfectly into your existing phone system. We promise customer satisfaction upon every interaction.

Affordable as it is Effective

Live Answering Service We provide affordable live answering services that can be tailored to meet any of your office needs. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all for you. For example, if your in house receptionist is able to manage calls most of the time, but gets backed up from time to time, or at a certain part of the day, then you may turn the system on and off during the right times. Your customers and clients will not be left listening to endless ringing, or trying over and over again to get a hold of you. They will never be irritated or frustrated again as they will feel that their time was not wasted having spoke to a real human being. We can discontinue all the anger from your clients, and give you an easier time too, by having all the calls directed to the answering services at our location. Your callers will not know the difference. They will get a person on the line every time and never deal with a busy signal. This not only makes you look good but will drastically improve your reputation, putting your business above your competition. Can your competitors offer this incredibly effective customer service solution? What is your offices plan during a power outage, or if your phone company has a disruption of service? Like most people in the world, you most likely phone customer care, if you can, and attempt to get them to fix the issues. Once in a while that can work, but most of the time you have no choice but to yield to them, waiting for things to get back up and running for you. It is very annoying to rely on them like that, but luckily, we are here for you. Because our live answering service is is so fine tuned, we of course have given much thought to any kind of issue like this that might arise. If our system is to ever go down, we have a full back up hosted phone system that can be turned on as simply as flipping a switch giving us virtually no down time and making us a force to be reckoned with in the field of remote receptionist services.

Never Have an Outage

We can act as your disaster recovery and back up plan, for we too have an unbreakable system that we offer all of our clients.. While other companies in your location are frozen without power or phone service, your customers and clients will have no problem reaching a live voice at your company and getting a message passed on to you Your business deserves this kind of live answering service. Your clients and potential customers will thrive on it. Sign up with Green Receptionist today and see why so many businesses have done so and never looked back.