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24/7 Virtual Receptionist Live Answering Services

Great and convenient customer service starts with a helpful and friendly voice that immediately answers call of the customers. With Green Receptionist you need not to forward your customer into impersonal voicemail systems and risk losing them  to your competition. Instead our professional and expertly trained associates will be there to address and meet the needs of all your customers. Green Receptionist is one of the most commonly chosen and highly recognized companies in terms of live answering and virtual receptionist services nationwide.


Live Answering Services Offered at its Reasonable Cost

At Green Receptionist, we have our live answering services 24/7/365 that can completely redefine your old concept with regards to normal hours of business. With our 24/7 live answering services, your customers can count on when your competitors are unable to be reached. Plus, we are not adding extra charge for certain calls that are already received during our after-hours of services. With our 24/7 live answering services, we have the most approachable and trained receptionist that is ready to handle all your calls in a professional and friendly manner. The Receptionist that we have will promptly transmit the call to you in a way you like that includes personalized email. Green Receptionist offers cost effective and convenient live answering services. We provide this at the lowest prices possible.


How Phone Calls are handled By Our Virtual Receptionist?

Getting hold of professional and consistent support agent  in your business serves as one of the most successful and convenient keys towards excellent customer support experiences.   Our professional receptionist handle and answer all your calls precisely as you decide. Unlike some of our competitors who are also in the same field of service, we are greatly proud and confident to brag about the quality of our service at Green Receptionist. Almost 93% of phone calls are immediately answered by our virtual receptionist not less than 10 seconds.

Whether you are a small or just a medium sized business who wanted to acquire professional image, larger kind of enterprise that needs support and guidance during periods of call spikes, our virtual receptionist at Green Receptionist are the best possible choice. There is no need for you to change that existing telephone number you have which had been already used for years. You just need to divert such existing phone numbers into a local telephone number that is allocated to your business and we will be answering all your calls immediately and effectively. It is very easy for us to handle and meet your entire phone answering desires and needs.

At Green Receptionist, our 24/7 virtual receptionist live answering services can be your greatest asset in providing people customer satisfaction experience they are in need of for the success and progress of their business.