Missing Calls Hurts Your Business

Stop Using Voicemail, Start Gaining More Clients

Today, we have the benefit of reaching more and more clients all over the country and even the world through the use of so many technologies. With the help of the internet, landline service and mobile devices, we get to have the chance to increase the diversity of our clientele and not just limit it to the people who come from where our businesses are based. This has also some implications on how we should deal with our clients. One of which is the importance of using a virtual receptionist in answering business calls while you are busy attending to other matters. If you have a business that has grown much from being a humble small scale establishment attending to the needs of the local people, you may have noticed that you are increasing your communication with the outside world. Although this is a good indicator of a flourishing endeavor in the business industry, you would sometimes grow weary from the anxiety and exhaustion of doing so many things at a time. If you still have not found out about the benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist, you may have even opted to just do one thing at a time and direct your other customers to your voicemail. voicemail   The problem of diverting calls from suppliers, customers and anyone else who is involved in your craft is that most people, especially those with initial transactions, are not fond of being answered by a machine. Making use of an answering machine instead of a virtual receptionist could denote that you are not excited about dealing business matters with your customers, even if you totally mean the opposite. This is so because being answered by something that is not a person associated with your business could exude an air of being unprofessional. It takes away the human aspect of communicating towards your client through the use of technology. homer-phone   Another reason is that leaving messages using your voicemail is very restricted. Think about the customers who would like to have a big time transaction with you. If you were on his or her shoes, you would not want to disclose the whole specifications of the deal through a limited recording. Although you can just indicate in your recorded message to leave a subject through the voicemail and tell the other end of the line to wait for you to call back, that would mean more minutes or hours to sacrifice on the part of your customers. Simply put, you are giving away opportunities to your competition. This makes hiring a live answering service all the more important in order to help you make your customers loyal to you and to keep them satisfied.