Why Every Lawyer Should Have a Virtual Receptionist

Why Every Attorney Should Have a Virtual Receptionist in 2016 A virtual receptionist harmonizes efficiency in job through cutting running costs, while retaining high professionalism and the image of a conventional high cost office operations. Law firms are part of the many businesses that can benefit highly by adopting virtual receptionists. Let’s look at the […]

What Exactly Is Branding

Branding. As we are more than just a Virtual Receptionist or Live Answering Service company we wanted to touch briefly on Branding. Branding is very similar to advertising but at a deeper level. Branding is about encouraging a potential customer to seriously consider a product by the fact that the said product is uniquely different and better than […]

The Power of Unique Website Content

Compelling Content Converts Leads The most important aspect of a website is the actual content itself. Viewers like to read unique, informational content that is well thought out. If your content is boring or really does not make any sense, you will lose viewers. It is important that you supply your viewers with content that […]

The Power of the Testimonial

ASK ALL OF YOUR HAPPY CLIENTS FOR A TESTIMONIAL Before purchasing a product or service, potential buyers want to determine if the intended purchase is a good value for the money. Most customers will want proof that a product or service is good before spending money on it, especially for more expensive purchases. Many potential […]

Get More Clients with a Virtual Receptionist

CAPTURE MORE LEADS WITH A VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST SERVICES As we continue on into the ever advancing digital age, and people turn to the internet for answers to all their needs, competition for customers becomes fiercer. As a business owner, you must consider anything and everything to be a potential avenue for increasing sales. The […]