Why Every Lawyer Should Have a Virtual Receptionist

Why Every Attorney Should Have a Virtual Receptionist in 2016 A virtual receptionist harmonizes efficiency in job through cutting running costs, while retaining high professionalism and the image of a conventional high cost office operations. Law firms are part of the many businesses that can benefit highly by adopting virtual receptionists. Let’s look at the […]

Why Every Attorney Should Invest In Google Placement

Online competition for lawyers is expensive and intense. One way for an attorney to be noticed on the Internet is by investing in Google placement. Online marketing has overtaken traditional print ads in terms of visibility and effectiveness. Online advertising, such as Google placement, is low risk, cost effective, and easy to start. Google Adwords […]

Stop Using Voicemail, Start Gaining More Clients

Today, we have the benefit of reaching more and more clients all over the country and even the world through the use of so many technologies. With the help of the internet, landline service and mobile devices, we get to have the chance to increase the diversity of our clientele and not just limit it […]

Increase Exposure By Donating To Charities

How Sponsoring a Charity Can Increase Your Exposure Many people want to own their own business and if you do, then you’re living your dreams. However, part of being successful is getting the proper exposure for your business. There are many ways for you to gain exposure and one of the best ways to do […]